Spiritual Principles/Rays

This document sets forth the seven rays in the context of the Embodied Soul. For the derivation of the aspects and rays and their relationship to UID (Unity in Diversity) as well as HOE (Heavens on Earth) and Numerology, see:

EIN (Everything in Nothing)

For other ray relationships, also see:

Rays, Stars, Functions and Numbers

Astrology, Functional Typology and the Embodied Soul

HOE (Heavens on Earth)

Soul Qualifications

All outside of God Realization is Illusion. The relatively real is that which, while in Illusion, helps one progress on the path towards God Realization. The following is offered in the felt spirit of relative realness and compassionate sharing in His Service. It is offered in response to God’s Original Question, “Who am I?” While the material here may help deepen one’s experiential understanding of the human search and response to the divine question, in the end the answer provided is “Who I am not, but imagine myself to be.” Ultimately then, all that will be written here must be rejected or simply released in favor of going directly to God without any cognitive or intuitive intermediaries. But before one can reject or release anything, one has to know it.


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