Over My Head

After Over My Head by Martin Sexton


I’m looking out into the ocean

This boy in a boat that I am

Through the haze I can catch a glimpse

Of the damage that I’ve done

Miles like minutes they pass as I row

And I count them in my head

Further and further I seem to go

From the home I once wanted

I raise the anchor, raise these tired hands

Still no direction, my pockets full of sand


I’m over my head


For the first few lifetimes of this trip

Friends and strangers came aboard my ship

Until the gifts of their selfishness

Laden me down with fool’s gold

I’ve got no room for them anymore

For I fear I might go under

My anchor gets tangled in weeds down below

As I heed the distant thunder

Raising the question right in front of me

Though the sun beats down through the clouds I’ll never see


I’m over my head on the crazy ocean

I’m over my head on the stormy sea

I’m over my head with entangled emotions

I’m over my head and it’s killing me


I’ll raise my bow to the winds that blow

Put the storm into my face and I know

She’s banging hard on my mind’s door

So I feel my fear face to face and what’s more

She’s in front of me, then He’s in front of me

But then she’s gone and my heart is free

And I’m crying


I’m over my head