One Note

After One Note Samba by Frank Sinatra


We are all just one with Baba

But we each have our own note

Other notes we have that follow

But the root is the keynote


Now every note is the consequence

Of the one we’ve just been through

As He’s bound to be the unavoidable

Consequence of you


There are many people who can talk and talk and talk

And just say nothing, why really nothing.

Other people pull you down and push you ‘round

Trying to get something, but they’ve got nothing.


So just come back to this one note, and He must come back to you.

You should pour into your keynote all the love there is in you,

But if you try to play it by rote, or let them tell you where to go,

You betta come back to your one note, you’ve got to play the note you know.