No Pretenders

After The Pretender by Jackson Browne


Most people live inside a house

Of their own and unknown making.

There’s nothing much they can do about it

Save for some last minute redecorating.

So they put their gross glasses on

And follow Maya until their life is done,

Then die and go to hell or heaven,

Get reborn and do it again.


They do it all again, Amen.


I want to know what became of the changes

We waited for love to bring.

Were they only the fitful dreams

Of some greater awakening?

I’ve been aware of time going by.

They say it can end in the wink of an eye,

But when a Mayavic sight comes slinking in,

We go out and do it again, Amen.

Why do we do it again and again?


Caught between the longing for love

And the struggle with desires and our gender,

Where the world takes aim and lays its claim

On the mind of the sanskaric spender

But there’s a path that may offer some light

And the things that money can’t buy,

But beware of false guides and spiritual pretenders.

Let’s be fair, let’s say a prayer for the pretenders

Who try to fake their way out of despair

Only to begin and end there.


Then there’s the laughter of God’s lovers

And their tears as they pass through the night.

There is nothing and no other

But still one has to fight

And tear away from the world with all one’s might

Till you wake up in the dream

And God is in sight.


I’m gonna find myself some Baba people

Who know what this laughter means

And we will do some service for Him

While we live out our lives in His dream

We will put our big girl panties on

And work in the world

Until our time has come

And if He asks us to be with Him

We’ll take form and do it again.


For Him we’ll do it again and again.


Some call us happy idiots

But they don’t know of His regal splendor.

In an Avataric age the saint and the sage

Don’t seem so true and don’t feel so tender.

Even the Perfect Ones can’t compare

To the glint in His eyes or the twist of His hair,

To say nothing of the Real Service only He can render.

So why care about the path or guru contenders?

Once God in human form has come along

You have only to surrender.


Say a prayer, and then surrender.

Oh the laughter of God’s lovers

And their tears through the night.

God is there, just surrender.

Say a prayer

And surrender.