Integrated Healing

Who am I and what do I know?

I was trained as a medical doctor in the United States and became Board Certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. I received additional training in interventional pain management techniques, osteopathic and chiropractic manipulation, and Functional Medicine. Over the years, I have been in private practice, been the medical director of a pain management program and worked with various orthopaedic practices and integrative medicine clinics. During that time I also studied and practiced various techniques of mind-body medicine as well as delved deeply into medical acupuncture, core shamanism and pranic healing. Beyond all this I have had chronic pain and joint instability most of my life and continue to deal with the long term effects of mold triggered and Lyme assisted chronic immune dysregulation with an ill-defined auto-immune component. All along the way—throughout the vagaries of bodily health and illness; before, during and after practicing medicine—I have been a Truth seeker, a friend to those in need and a Lover of God.

Over the course of the last twelve plus years, the process, treatment and results of my physical illness and spiritual maladies have slowly, surely, repeatedly and then completely disabled me—taken me out of the workaday world and all worldly relationships, and thrown me into direct relationship with God. And I have taken notes. Working with these notes, not just of this time but of a lifetime, processing decades of experience and expression, trials and tribulations, redirections and revelations has led to this writing and this website. What follows is just what I’ve gathered from what I’ve seen and experienced personally and professionally, gathered and processed according to my individual human nature and its take of the collective human condition on its path of return to its one and only source—God.

There has been much karma and dharma, and this apparently is the destiny. Somehow I have been made to survive it all and I hope I have answered the call. But mostly I pray these words carry some light and love to everyone who reads them, and that this offering pleases the Beloved.


Integrated Healing Introduction


Integrated Healing


♦   Integrated Healing Introduction

♦   The Incarnating Soul

♦   Situation and Specification of Therapies

♦   Integrated Healing for the Incarnating Soul

♦   Functional Typology and the Triads

◊   Typology Worksheet

◊   Stages and Phases for the Triad Vehicles

◊   Unity in Diversity

♦   Behind the Incarnating Soul

◊   Everything in Nothing

◊   The Embodied Soul

•   Heavens on Earth

◊   Astrology, Functional Typology and the Embodied Soul

◊   The Yin and the Yang of the Yogas

◊   Triangles

•   Collective Karma and the Constellations

◊   Knots, Veils and Vision for the Planes

◊   Spiritual Principles/Rays

•   Rays, Stars, Functions and Numbers in Relation

•   The Provisional Ego

◊   Gnosis and the Bodhisattvic Being

•   Evolutionary Forms

•   God’s Whim and the Web We Weave

♦   The Drop Soul as the Embodied Soul

♦   The Body of the Embodied Soul

◊   Praying with the Centers