God 101: Thus Truly Spake Zarathustra


Oh God, in all Your names,

You are the only One Worthy of Worship.

Lord of All, You are

All-Powerful, All-Knowing

And the fountain of Endless Bliss.

Without Beginning and Without End,

You are the Primal Cause,

The Root of Creation.


Oh Exalted One,

You are the Purest of the Pure,

Detached from All, yet

You are still In Touch With All.

Being Most Righteous,

You are the Upholder of All

And Attainer of All,

Though You, Yourself, remain Unattainable.


Oh Ever-Prolific, most Bountiful One,

You are the Nourisher and Protector of the World,

Reaching Equally to All.

You are Sovereign Reason and Beyond Reason.

Lord Invisible, Formless and Never-Changing,

You are the All-Pervading All-in-All.


Most Steadfast among the Steadfast,

You are Worthy of Our Profound Thanks.

With Your All-Embracing Goodness

And All-Embracing Holy Light,

You are the Remover of Affliction,

Being Yourself Beyond Affliction.


Oh Immortal and Unconquerable One,

You are forever the Freest of the Free.

Never Deceived and Never Deceiving,

Fearless and Devoid of Pain,

You are the Deliverer from Evil.

Knowing All Things and Never Forgetting,

You are the Just Accountant.


Oh Compassionate Judge,

Most Merciful Giver, most Bountiful Giver,

You are the Creator of Holy Attributes

And Fulfiller of Holy Desires.


Oh Soul Supreme, One Without a Second,

You are the Lord of Desire,

The Decreer of Sovereign Desire.

Most Exalted One, You are Ever the Same,

Hidden Within the Spirit,

Creator of the Profoundly Spiritual,

And Invisible Creator of the Universe.


You are the Master Craftsman,

The Creator of Life-Giving Water.

The Transmuter of Dust into Water and Dust into Air,

You Spread Air Everywhere.

You Transmute Air into Earth and Dew and Fire,

And Fire into Dew and Air.

The Transmuter of Air into Dust

And Dust into Fire,

You are also the Supreme Transmuter of Fire into Divine Sparks.


Oh Creator of All the Four Elements,

Creator of All the Planets and All Other Worlds,

Creator of All Animal and Human Life,

Creator of All Humanity and Its Actions,

You are the Rewarder of Sincere Desires.


Oh Lord of the Universe,

Lord of Life and Wisdom,

You are Ageless and Eternally Awake,

Ever-Alert and Ever-Protecting.

As Recorder of Man’s Actions

You are Infinitely Patient, Never in Doubt

And always Victorious.

Embracing All Creation,

You are the Preserver of Creation,

The Renewer of Creation

And the Giver of All Things.


Oh Divine Creator,

Rayed in Glory,

Haloed in Light;

Oh Lord of Justice and Just Rewards;

Oh Forgiver of Sins;

You are the Lord of Existence and the great Liberator;

You are the ever-present Awakener of Eternal Spring.


— stitching and arrangement by dil-o-johnnie