Functional Typology

The inspiration of Functional Typology is to expand upon the ideas of Jungian psychological functions and the various personality typologies that have followed by applying the generative matrices of Perspective and Conduct from the 8-structure of Disposition in UID (Unity in Diversity) to all the vehicles of the Incarnating Soul as well as its two Personality Orientations—Worldly and Spiritual. This task emerges naturally in the course of exploration that is Integrated Healing. To approach it outside of Integrated Healing, it is necessary to first have a background in the structure of the Incarnating Soul as used throughout these pages.

The Embodied Soul

The theoretical background of UID is not strictly necessary. It is presented in part in the section of Integrated Healing entitled “Integrated Healing for the Incarnating Soul” and in greater detail in Unity in Diversity itself.

Integrated Healing for the Incarnating Soul

Unity in Diversity

The main text of Functional Typology is presented in Functional Typology and the Triads, referring to the Upper and Lower Triads of the Embodied Soul (borrowing from Theosophical terms) as well as the Causal Triad of that Soul. There are links in that document to printable worksheets and instructions for the same.


Functional Typology and the Triads