As an age-old response, really multiple responses, to “Who am I?”, “What am I doing here?”, “What’s it all about?”, “Where am I going?” and questions of the like, astrology must be reckoned with. To that purpose, and for the reworking, integration and synthesis of a system that speaks to and quickens the intuition along the lines of the structure and functions of the Embodied Soul, The Heavens on Earth was written. The book presents a highly condensed synthesis of psychological and spiritual astrological interpretation, pretty much my takes on and experience with the works of Steven Forrest and those of Alan Oken with many additions and some new material. The subtitle of the book is An Astrology for this Avataric Age and after the first section it delves into bridging the language of astrology with the words left by Meher Baba. There are extensive Meher Baba quotes for the planets, signs and houses, a detailed discussion of Baba’s chart (really three charts since tropical geocentric, sidereal geocentric and sidereal heliocentric astrology are used for greatest veiled resonance with the Gross, Subtle and Causal/Mental spheres), and finally a section that discusses synastry with the Avatar, a personal inner relationship with the most recent incarnation of God in Human form where He can speak to you through the (reworked) language of astrology. The book does not assume that the reader accepts Meher Baba as the Avatar from the get-go, but rather develops the above astrological synthesis, then presents Baba’s life, work and words to let the reader decide for him or herself the appropriate relationship with Him. The first part of the book, the synthesis resonant with the Embodied Soul, stands on its own; and at least the first part of the section on Avataric Astrology is useful and stimulating for astrological interpretation in general regardless of how one feels about Meher Baba.

The e-book (pdf file) of The Heavens on Earth can be downloaded in full here:

The Heavens on Earth full book pdf (782 pgs; 120 MB!)

Or perhaps more easily in sections here:

The Heavens on Earth – Act I (112 pgs; 8 MB)

The Heavens on Earth – Intermezzo (58 pgs with pics; 60 MB)

The Heavens on Earth – Act II (416 pgs; 14 MB)

The Heavens on Earth – Act III (196 pgs with graphics; 43 MB)

The Embodied Soul is not specifically presented in The Heavens on Earth but rather three astrological systems are used as stated above and two perspectives are given. The geocentric tropical coordinate system is most resonant with the Incarnating Soul; the geocentric sidereal coordinate system with the Yogic Self; and the sidereal heliocentric system with the Bodhisattvic Being. Humanistic Astrology is from the worldly perspective, which includes living in the world after embarking on one’s spiritual path, and Transcendent Astrology is from the spiritual perspective, specifically inner relating to the spiritual planes. And Avataric Astrology synthesizes and goes beyond both perspectives for a direct relationship with God through the Avatar who is said to be the “eternally living Perfect Master.” The planets and points of astrology are given in sets of three as chords, which have correspondences with the tripartite Egoic Matrix of the Embodied Soul at its different levels (spheres) and the three instruments of that soul at each level. For charts of all these correspondences, see the first sections of:

Astrology, Functional Typology and the Embodied Soul

While these correspondences fit snugly and without force in my opinion, one is free to see and use the triplicity within chords in The Heavens on Earth or any astrology as they are or however one sees/feels 3-part organizations in general.

Lastly, for a look at larger time cycles and another take on astrological ages, see:

Collective Karma and the Constellations