About the Veil

As Hafiz has said:

You, yourself are the veil
So remove yourself!
(assembled from multiple on-line translations)

And what is the fabric of this veil?

The stuff you and the universe are made of.

The shape, the color; the design, the stitching … ?

Born on a date, given a name (see Numerology);
Born in a specific place at a specific time (see Astrology);
Born in a body, an Embodied Soul on so many levels (see Spiritual Principles/Rays);
And with a mind (mind-energy-body) and ego (Egoic Matrix) that has certain characteristic functions and preferences (see Functional Typology);

This Who am I is the veil.

The embedded links above give not so much answers as descriptions of the veil as I have seen it shimmering in the Divine effulgence and felt it through the continued habit of tugging and maybe even at times tearing. Some of those times individuality within the collective human condition felt like a solitary confinement cage in a maximum security prison. Is such dramatic metaphor really necessary? I don’t know. Maybe it’s a consequence of tugging, or tearing. But to the degree that it speaks a story of truth, and to the degree that the descriptions of the prison cage are accurate enough from a particular perspective and experience, these writings are offered, and offered with the hope they may be of some help to the human condition and those within the human condition who are in some way questing for God however conceived, which eventually is everyone. If there is at least relative truth here, pretending you are not in a cage would be denial, and thinking that this denial has gotten you out is just plain silly. Oh, and it really is not a cage, it’s a veil. And there is no prison or other prisoners. When you get right down to it, it is just you and God, however you take those terms. But that’s what this veiled sight is all about.


I am not God Realized. I cannot even claim to be on any plane whatsoever. All I can say is:

God Is
I am

What follows is me relating to the Reality that is within, behind and beyond the Illusion. I take this Reality to be God and I relate to God through the Ancient One/Avatar whom I experience as come again in Meher Baba.

Now here’s that bit of advice you didn’t ask for:

Self and Others

We come together as we go to God
Because of the shared Lahar.

Otherwise we are hopelessly different in every detail
Past superficial similarity and so-called objectivity
Because the sanskaras are not the same.

Try as you might
You can’t get an other
To take your karma or your core sanskaras,
No matter how sharp the projector,
No matter how loud the musical score,
No matter how engaging the story or clever the excuse.

Don’t accuse others of escapism
When you need a period of seclusion;
Don’t accuse others of indulgence
When you need to be more involved;
And don’t say no one can know and nothing can be done
When you don’t know who you are or what to do.

The world is the way it is
Due to the individual and collective karma
Of those who are in it.
When the karma releases and the sanskaras rearrange
Then the world also will change.
The open secret to success lies in the doing and dealing with this
Whether you are guided into the middle of the maelstrom
Or taken well away from the fray.

So change your mind and change your world,
And then get stuck as a yogi
Taking upabhog for an imaginary manvantara;
Or garner favors from real sages and saints
And become like them for hundreds of thousands of years.
Or perhaps maybe just for once be yourself,
Your natural self—your unrealized, not divinized,
True but false self that can stand naked yet still be veiled
And love none other but God.
And then Stay with God.

References (in order of appearance)

Lahar: God’s Whim to become conscious, knowing, loving God (which brought about the Creation).

Sanskaras: impressions; accumulated imprints of past experience (evolutionary and reincarnational) that determine one’s desires, feelings, thoughts and actions.

Upabhog: taking experience (even as a participant observer claiming to be a witness) and somehow enjoying it, the pleasure as well as the pain, be it sensual or Subtle (of the material world or the world of spiritual energy).

Manvantara: the duration or lifespan of a Manu, a mystical ruler of the manifest universe (there being in certain Hindu cosmologies fourteen Manus covering the period of emanation, preservation and dissolution of the universe). The phrase “imaginary manvantara” implies that the Yogic Self essentially creates its own universe out of its imagination and then takes upabhog of this self-created imaginary universe until the transcendence of that Yogic Self occurs, which means dissolution of that imaginary universe. For a definition of the Yogic Self, see The Embodied Soul.

Stay with God: a book by Francis Brabazon. From the trustmeher.org website:

In [Meher] Baba’s words, “The book contains food for the brain and a feast for the heart.” Baba said that this book gives life to God Speaks, and He had it read out three times to His intimate disciples. Francis Brabazon, an Australian poet who lived with Baba for more than a decade, wrote this book of prose and poetry at His express direction. It is an epic, a return to truly great literature, in which the life of the God-Man is chronicled in language befitting the theme. In addition to Francis’ poetry, the book contains three unique statements by Baba Himself, including His most comprehensive and detailed discourse about His Silence and the Word of words with which He will break it.

Overview with Links

There are as many ways into the material of the veil as there are individual human natures—carnate, discarnate and yet-to-be carnate. And not everyone wants to know about it, much less tug at it. The main links, reproduced below, cover a reworking of the fields therein from what I have gathered to be true and what I have been inspired to do. They can be organized as a triplicity (trinity in Illusion) over a single, more readily accessible and more easily calculable tool (or plaything).

Spiritual Principles | Functional Typology | Astrology


The underlying organization for these approaches is a structural view of the Embodied Soul. This is presented in several places to follow (most notably Integrated Healing) and is provided as a separate treatment in the overview below:

The Embodied Soul

The inter-relationship of the 3 plus 1 topics above is given in:

Rays, Stars, Functions and Numbers

The rays are based on seven and threes, and numerology is also, as seven plus three with an overlapping term. The Embodied Soul structure as well as the organization of spheres and subspheres (the worlds that the Embodied Soul inhabits) relies on organizations of the One into threes and sevens, with duality implied at each point and everywhere in between. For the origin of this and all that follows, see:

Everything in Nothing

In Integrated Healing, a way of organizing possibilities and navigating approaches is presented through the use of the generative matrices of Situation and Specification as well as Development and Disposition, which rely on an internal organization of seven, namely 1 x 3 x 3 x 2 x 8 x 6 x 5. Functional Typology draws on the 8 with some input from the 6 within this organization. For the derivation and more exposition on the generative matrices, see:

Unity in Diversity

And the last of this series of three has been exemplified by the exploration of astrology, which uses an organization of twelve. See:

Heavens on Earth

For all the above approaches, the energies, functions, signs, numbers and qualities in general that are similar or somehow conjoined have a harder time differentiating; and those that are different (esp. opposed and even more so orthogonal) have a harder time integrating. But they all have their own peculiar difficulty disappearing, which is what they all must do when the veil is dropped and you go to God. No reason to worry though, who will remember any of this or look down at the dropped veil when one’s time has come? In the meantime, for what ails:

Integrated Healing


♦   Integrated Healing Introduction

♦   The Incarnating Soul

♦   Situation and Specification of Therapies

♦   Integrated Healing for the Incarnating Soul

♦   Functional Typology and the Triads

◊   Typology Worksheet

◊   Stages and Phases for the Triad Vehicles

◊   Unity in Diversity

♦   Behind the Incarnating Soul

◊   Everything in Nothing

◊   The Embodied Soul

•   Heavens on Earth

◊   Astrology, Functional Typology and the Embodied Soul

◊   The Yin and the Yang of the Yogas

◊   Triangles

•   Collective Karma and the Constellations

◊   Knots, Veils and Vision for the Planes

◊   Spiritual Principles/Rays

•   Rays, Stars, Functions and Numbers in Relation

•   The Provisional Ego

◊   Gnosis and the Bodhisattvic Being

•   Evolutionary Forms

•   God’s Whim and the Web We Weave

♦   The Drop Soul as the Embodied Soul

♦   The Body of the Embodied Soul

◊   Praying with the Centers

And don’t forget the other links in the left sidebar menu under More Tugging (includes many of the subheadings above) and Complaint & Praise. And of course none of this will make any sense without having seen, heard and felt The Divine Theme.

Well, that’s it. Maybe all of these links and the organizations therein are an elaborate filing system to keep your karmic inbox empty and dharmic desktop clean. So be it.

In His Love and Lila,

Baba’s Gianji

P.S. The homepage shows the tomb of Hafiz lit up at night transitioning into a close-up of the tile work on the ceiling. And the background for the title is the Himalayas somewhere in India.